Play NOGO 2 8x8 TicTacToe 8)

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This virtual board game is for 2-4 human players at the same computer only. It should load immediately below if Flash is working properly in your browser. Left click to begin. Great for teachers and students, parents with children, or two dudes trying not to admit they are in a 8x8 tictactoe tournament at an internet cafe. ;)

You can also use it as a training Go board too!

--Please note: App has been tested on the desktop versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8, 9 & 10 web browsers. It may or may not work properly for click and dragging the pieces on an Android tablet device, depending on what browser you are using with Flash installed, how powerful the CPU is, and how much RAM it has.

You can also check out NO GO 2 on Newgrounds Now, here on the website, or on the Mochimedia distribution network game portals.

NOGO 2 is a Tic-Tac-Toe variant for 2-4 human players played on a small Go game board. The rules are explained in the app.

This latest version has the original game board now included with resized pieces and buttons to make it easier to play on touchscreen handheld devices like tablet computers that support Flash.

Apr 2013 Update: Added 4 human player functionality. Still no AI CPU players, sorry. Changed graphics throughout. Better drag and drop functionality.

Nov 2012 Update: It has been 1 year (well, a little more but close enough) since the No Go 8x8 experiment of a virtual board game went live. It isn't going to win any awards for just being a 2 humans required, virtual table top enhanced, tic tac toe variant but, it is being enjoyed by at least more than 10 people ;)

Over 6,200 people have checked it out, and it seems to have a loyal group of about 30+ players that keep coming back out of a core audience that seem to be between 60-100+ people rotating through. It isn't millions of players, but it is better than nothing AND everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Only 2% played it longer than 30 minutes. That 2% are loyal as heck though. Only 7% played it longer than 10 minutes. Again, thank you to those players that are playing it with someone else, or perhaps themselves for practice.

Much love goes out to Bulgaria and Serbia! These two countries seem to keep coming back to the game the most. Bulgaria on total plays, and Serbia on longest games.

It is amazing to see all of the places listed, over 90 countries! To those of you players who do check it out, and enjoy playing with a friend or family member, THANK YOU! 8)

Popularity by Country -- Most Minutes Played:

  1. Bulgaria
  2. United States
  3. Brazil
  4. Canada
  5. Unknown
  6. France
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Russian Federation
  9. Turkey
  10. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  11. Spain
  12. India
  13. Germany
  14. Australia
  15. Hungary
  16. Italy
  17. Colombia
  18. Mexico
  19. China
  20. Argentina
  21. Romania
  22. Poland
  23. Philippines
  24. Netherlands
  25. Serbia - 35:50
  26. Ukraine
  27. Armenia
  28. Indonesia - 13:35
  29. Israel
  30. Iran, Islamic Republic of
  31. Sweden
  32. Thailand
  33. Taiwan - 21:32
  34. Venezuela
  35. Vietnam
  36. Portugal
  37. Czech Republic
  38. Egypt
  39. Belgium
  40. Greece
  41. Morocco - 22:37
  42. Austria
  43. Denmark
  44. Lithuania
  45. Pakistan
  46. United Arab Emirates
  47. Albania
  48. Chile
  49. Ecuador
  50. Macedonia
  51. Peru
  52. Singapore
  53. Slovakia
  54. Belarus
  55. Switzerland
  56. Cyprus
  57. Dominican Republic
  58. Algeria
  59. HongKong
  60. Croatia
  61. Japan
  62. Kazakhstan
  63. Slovenia
  64. Europe - 16:40
  65. New Zealand
  66. Saudi Arabia
  67. Costa Rica
  68. Estonia
  69. Kyrgyzstan
  70. Korea, Republicof
  71. Malaysia
  72. PuertoRico
  73. ElSalvador
  74. Anonymous Proxy
  75. Antigua and Barbuda
  76. Bahrain
  77. Finland
  78. Georgia
  79. Guatemala
  80. Honduras
  81. Iraq - 13:00
  82. Jamaica
  83. Cambodia
  84. SaintLucia
  85. Latvia
  86. Moldova, Republicof
  87. Montenegro
  88. Malta
  89. Mozambique
  90. Nigeria
  91. Nicaragua
  92. Norway
  93. Paraguay
  94. Uruguay

--- May 2012 Update: Putting this in the Google Chrome Webstore which brings more players here! Glad to have you all! =)

--- Feb 2012 update: No Go 8x8 Tic Tac Toe has been played by over 3,500+ players in over 50 countries! Average game time is about 7 minutes. The top countries play it for 8-30 minutes or more. There is evidence that some people like multiplayer Flash or browser games on the same computer and play together.:)

The real life board game is coming soon!

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