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Voice Talent - Demos and Contact Info

Hear Joseph in the Radio Commercial Spots for Piccadilly Catering in the SF Bay Area airing on Stations KOIT, KBLX, KFOX, & THE GAME (Summer 2013 - Male in Foghorn spot, carboy in Western/stuck in traffic spot)

VoiceDemo_AlienAdvice_JosephHatcher.mp3 AlienAdvice.mp3 (00:35 - 838.27 KB). An alien computer intelligence with bad grammar and perhaps a message for humanity.

 VoiceDemo_GoofyVoices_JosephHatcher.mp3 GoofyVoices.mp3 (02:21 - 3.25 MB). A collection of weird edited voices.

 VoiceDemo_YesMaster_JosephHatcher.mp3 YesMaster.mp3 (00:15 - 369.29 KB). Room service back in the day.

 VoiceDemo_TakeCharge_JosephHatcher.mp3 TakeCharge.mp3 (00:12 - 298.27 KB). Being told how it is.

VoiceDemo_Vampire_JosephHatcher.mp3 Vampire.mp3 (00:34 - 805.2 KB). Someone has some control issues.

VoiceDemo_Controllers_JosephHatcher.mp3 Controllers.mp3 (00:41 - 967.45 KB). A gaming nerd most people want to smack into oblivion.

Here is a machinima that Joseph did the voice of Guts, the green guy =)

Youtube Link

Contact Info

You can call or fax Joseph at 310-285-8652, or you can email him at j at josephhatcher dawtcom

To hear the latest music and audio demos from Joseph, you can listen to them here.

Musical Experiments

Feel free to download and listen to some of Joseph's music.

Added Feb. 2013 - Check out this challenging platformer game in your browser that a game developer made with Joseph's "Mixed Vibes" song in it! Play Get Out on

Added Dec. 2012 - Joseph co-wrote the lyrics and paid for this song to be composed and recorded by Amanda Bocchi for the theme song to his Drawcade projects in 2008.

Added Nov 2011 - Joseph's Keep Playing song was asked to be used in a Guild Wars 2 how to video! :)

Click on an image to play, or right click over the images and select Save Link As , or Save Content As, to save the song to your computer.

Download KeepPlaying.mp3 KeepPlaying.mp3 (5:00 - 4.6MB). Kind of a slow jam you might hear exploring your old neighborhood and the changes it has gone through over the decades.

Download MonstersJam.mp3 MonstersJam.mp3 (1:00 - 1MB). Rock with a quick thumping mainline to prep you for battle!

Download MixedVibes.mp3 MixedVibes.mp3 (3:03 - 2.8MB). Electronic flow building to a peak before your adventure into the unknown.

Download PuzzleDance.mp3 PuzzleDance.mp3 (2:01 - 2MB). Fast moving techno tune to help you complete that next level. Originally made for one of Joseph's puzzle demos.

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