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This page has information about some of the independent and side game projects Joseph has worked on, or is working on. Joseph looks forward to the day when his day job will let him design games and apps, so it isn't just a fun hobby to do with his family and friends.

Lootrons (Dec 2016)

Lootrons, a quick-action-strategy-puzzle game, will be releasing into Beta soon! Joseph has been working on it since the Summer of 2015 or so, in his spare time of 10 minutes here, and a few hours there.

Old Comic Book Efforts 1987-1991-ish (added here 2016)

Sneaky Snake is now available free to download and read. Please note, the characters, art, writing, etc are still Copyright 1991, 2015 Joseph Hatcher. The comic PDF is 7 pages & 3.15MB in file size.

Sneaky Snake preview pages

Joseph's biggest comic effort as a kid, Lektrix Noph is now available directly here. Please note, the characters, art, logos writing, etc are still Copyright 1990, 1991, 2015 Joseph Hatcher. The comic PDF is 45 pages & 17MB in file size. Other copyrights and trademarks are respective of their owners, and are only present as a fan of such intellectual properties.

Sneaky Snake preview pages

TermaNULL 1978 - Released Aug 2014 Flash & Dec 2014 PC

TermaNULL Screenshot

Inspired by Robotron and Geometry Wars, TermaNULL is a retro throwback endless mini-game, to maybe what a dual stick shooter would have looked like on an old monochrome orange monitor. You have a choice about what you want to try for: score, stack lives, or longest time survived.

The Flash version you can play here on Newgrounds & Kongregate.

You can get the PC Edition, which has an improved background, framerate, along with the option to use the left analog stick to move on a gamepad, and the mouse to shoot in 360 degrees. This version should work on most 32bit x86 type Windows versions from Vista to 10, no promises for XP or 2000.

Aggro Gold! (May 2014) - Flash & Android App

Aggro Gold logo

Inspired by some of Joseph's earlier projects from 2010 through 2014, Aggro Gold! combines some of their gameplay elements, and becomes a frustrating patience tester. Similar to how Flappy Bird or Super Meat Boy aggravates you, but keeps you coming back to try again and again.

Aggro Gold Screenshot
Simple to play with just a click of the mouse or touch of the onscreen button, this one button random gold coin chaser helps you assess your greed factor pretty quick.

You can download and install (directly to your Android 2.2 thru to 4.4 device) the ad-free, no-online-permissions, no tracking/spyware, no viruses/malware Android apk directly from this website, HERE.

If you don't have an Android device and would like to play on a PC, Linux, or Mac web browser, you can play it on Kongregate or on Newgrounds

The HTML5 version is coming soon, so you can check it out on most modern mobile and desktop/laptop devices!

Joseph created the art/graphics, animations, sounds, and designed the little game. He used Sculptris, Inkscape, MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Audacity, sfxr, and Clickteam's Fusion 2.0 w/Android & Flash exporters. The HTML5 version uses Fusion 2.5 with HTML5 exporter. It was sketched/designed, modeled, rendered, developed, tested, and built in just under 24 hours. Most of the time was spent creating the art assets and testing the game.

Hatcher Chess 3PL - Web Browsers Flash App (Mar 2014)

This version of Hatcher Chess is related to the CAEH Chess variants from 1995 & thereafter developed by Joseph. This version has only 3 player game boards for 2-3 human players to enjoy on the same tablet device, netbook, laptop, or desktop. Play Hatcher Chess 3PL now.

Hatcher Chess 3PL Screenshot

Shoot the Love - Web Browsers Flash App - (2014)

Shoot the Love is an endless overhead shooter. It was made by Joseph's son Aaron, and the music was created by his oldest son, Caeh. Play Shoot the Love now. Joseph was QA Tester & Executive Producer for it.

Shoot the Love Screenshot

Caeh Hatcher - Baby Stepz Techno EP (2014)

Joseph's oldest son released his first music experiment on Feb 10, 2014 onto: Amazon MP3, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Xbox Music, Beats Music, Rhapsody, Rdio, Deezer, eMusic, simfy, Muve Music, iHeartRadio, Nokia, Vervelife, Wimp, Sony Music Unlimited, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, JB Hi-Fi, Slacker, & Bloom. You can listen and download it here.

Caeh Hatcher with Baby Stepz album art
Joseph helped him distribute it, and took the baby picture of Caeh that later became the edited album cover of his album as an adult.

Hatcher Air Hockey - Web Browsers Flash App & Android - GameJam Project (Nov 2013)

This game of air hockey was made by Joseph in 10 hours at a local gamejam. As of June 2014, he made an Android version with 2 human players supported with multi-touch. See how well you can do against the computer and someone else!
Hatcher Air ockey Screenshots

Play Hatcher Air Hockey on Newgrounds or on Kongregate.

You can download and install (directly to your Android 2.2 thru to 4.4 device) the ad-free, no-online-permissions, no tracking/spyware, no viruses/malware Android apk directly from this website, from here.

Hatcher Tabletop Dice - Android, Web Browsers Flash App, Global Game Portals (2013)

Joseph's son Aaron developed a dice app for role playing games and board games. You can get it for free on Android, and play it for free on many game portals worldwide via Mochimedia, Kongegate, Chrome Webstore and many more! Joseph was producer and tester for the app, and helped distribute/host it.

Hatcher Tabletop Dice Screenshot

Dog Defense - Web Browsers Flash App, Global Game Portals, & Android (2012-2013)

Made by one of his offspring, this casual but hard shooter can now be played on many Flash based game portals worldwide, and also directly here: Play Dog Defense

It was made in 2 weeks in the Summer of 2012. It is the first game demo made by Aaron Hatcher.

NoGo 8x8 TicTacToe (Now NOGO 2 for 2013) - Flash App (Launched Globally in 2011)

NOGO 2 is a Tic-Tac-Toe variant for 2-4 human players (no computer AI) on a 8x8 Go board. Two human players can check out the Flash App in their web browser. It has been enjoyed by thousands of players in over 50 countries!

Play NOW!

Game was overhauled in April of 2013, to be more responsive for click and dragging the pieces, and the graphics were completely switched out.

CAEH Chess/Conspiracy Chess & Checkers Variants (1995-2011)

Joseph designed & play tested multiple chess and checker variants for several years, and has recently started working on resurrecting this intellectual property in Flash and board game forms. These variants are for 2-6 players.

Example of some of the game board layouts (1997-2005):
CAEH Chess & Conspiracy Chess, Checkers Gameboard

Screenshot of the PC Virtual Board game of CAEH Game Collection - 6 Player Chess (2004/Windows):
CAEH Chess 6PL Screenshot

Screenshot of the CAEH Game Collection - 6 Player Checkers (2004/Windows):
CAEH Checkers 6PL Screenshot

Unique Painting Game for the Nintendo Wii and NDS (2006)

A cult license was attached to this game, and would have utilized the Wii's controller in unique ways for painting in 3d on a virtual canvas. The Nintendo DS version utilized the dual displays for teaching with Brain Age inspired art exercises.

This project helped Joseph learn the "fail fast, adapt" mentality so that he could move on, when it failed in pre-production.

The Art Academy NDS series and the UDraw tablet products seem to carry on the gist of what this project was trying to accomplish.

Drawcade, Drawing Game for Kids to Adults - Original Design for Nintendo DS (2006-2013)

This game was for the Nintendo DS and later Windows for prototyping. It was along the same vein as Brain Age except it focused strictly on drawing certain types of things or people.

Joseph pitched this game to many publishers but nothing came to fruition. He then decided to develop it himself for Windows. This project was postponed in 2009, but is now in early alpha builds for web browsers and Windows.

Mockup of the Drawspace/Drawcade NDS UI:
Drawspace & Drawcade UI Mockup

Concept Art:
Drawspace & Drawcade Concept & Promo Art

Please enjoy the folk/acoustic theme song for the game!

Mutant League Side Project While at Electronic Arts (2005)

Joseph worked on this while as a QA Tester at EA with some awesome and talented co-workers in their spare time. Details on the video description on Youtube.

This video has been mentioned on Gameinformer.com, Destructoid.com, Gamesetwatch.com

Circuit Pyramid/Gami Jami (2005)

This experiment was inspired by two of Joseph's favorite games, Warlords on the old Atari 2600, and Tetris. It is a puzzle and brick breaker combo game.

How well you played one level determined how much of a handicap you would have on the next, as the game went from puzzle to Warlords style gameplay back to back as you played. If you played well on the puzzle level, then you'd have all or most of your bricks protecting your sphere. If not, then you better be good with blocking the balls trying to get through. ;)

To see a better understanding, here is a video of the game in action:

If you lost almost all of your bricks on the "Warlords" level but survived, then you'd have a bunch of garbage pieces on your puzzle playfield that you would have to get rid of. The Warlords levels had random placement of bumpers and number of balls placed onto the play field every time, so you never knew what to expect, or who would be extra defended.

The puzzle levels worked kind of like putting together origami shapes to make pieces disappear. You would be shown the shape before the puzzle level began. The shapes came into play on the left side of the playfield, and the "bottom" of the playfield was on the right.

Another hook of this game was that it was ALWAYS 4 players, in any combination of CPU or Human players, until they lost. It was always until the last player was left standing.

The UI and graphics are horrid for this build, but this is the one that plays the best that Joseph still has. Joseph designed the game, and did the art. He licensed various tunes for the music. The then young wizard programmer that coded this game has had a successful career at Microsoft and is currently rocking code at Apple.

Here is a screenshot of a puzzle level.
Circuit Pyramid Puzzle Level Screenshot

Here is a screenshot of a brick breaking level.
Circuit Pyramid Brick Breaker Level Screenshot

Other Projects (1995-2003)

Real Time Action Strategy - Herzogzeit/WARazur/Xyvul War - Joseph was working on an inspired 1-4 player update of Herzog Zwei (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive) that was called WARazur, Xyvul War, & Herzogzeit at different stages. Like with many virtual teams, things can fall apart fast. The project got as far as having 2 players working. Joseph wants to develop this game very much. He wants to have solid 4 gamepad support and LAN support.

There is a successful inspired by sequel called Air Mech that everyone should check out that some awesome developers created! Carbon Games, makers of Air Mech

FPS & 3rd Person Vehicle Combat - The Gabriel Factor Back to 1996-1998-ish. Before there was Halo, or open world Grand Theft Auto type games, Joseph designed The Gabriel FACTOR. The best way to describe it today would be Judge Dredd cities meets F-Zero/Wipeout style vehicles meets Twisted Metal, San Francisco Rush, and Battlefield 2 gameplay.

Many different genres of gameplay could be going on in each city at the same time, whether it was a battle in the arena downtown, dogfights in the air, street races across town, and more. Each of those types of gameplay could affect the outcome of the other events going on simultaneously.

This is one of the dream games Joseph wants to make someday. This project had parts of a 3d city made, various concept art assets created, and some 3d character models/vehicles modeled and animated. It was too ambitious for such a small volunteer team and way too early for the technology to handle the network and visuals required.

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